Community 106.1 FM


We are back on the air. If you are in the York, Pennsylvania area tune your radios to 106.1 FM.
Internet broadcasting soon to return as well.


We are looking for more content...

  • Local musicians to share their works or interesting stories about the industry
  • Local podcasters with topics of interest
  • Local food businesses such as restaurants and market stand vendors
  • Local entrapreneurs to talk about their experiences
  • Local persons of interest, charitable organizations to share highlights of the York area
  • Local educators to talk about topics of interest and their experiences
  • Local individuals for PSA's (public service announcements)

To contribute send us a message with your contact information and a brief desription of your idea or offerings.


We are always looking for good people of the community to help out.

Opportunites are available to...

  • Get involved in the community
  • Learn about the radio industry
  • Learn about business management
  • Learn about technology and technical support
  • Perform an internship
  • Perform community service

To volunteer send us a message with your contact information and let us know how you can help.